About Us

About Us:

UWI-TV is a multi-platform channel that’s owned and operated by the University of the West Indies (UWI). The hub of the operations is located on the Mona campus of UWI in Jamaica. The channel broadcasts daily on cable television in partnership with CaribVision (a Barbados-based division of the Caribbean Media Corporation) and with RJR Communications Group in Jamaica. Our content is also streamed on the Web and on several social media platforms and hundreds of video files are available on demand via a searchable database on the channel’s Web site—www.uwitv.org.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to use multi-platform media to serve the nations and peoples of the Caribbean region as well as the Caribbean diaspora communities in the USA, Canada, Britain and Europe through television, the Web, social media and mobile devices. We aim to provide a public informational and educational service that reflects the role and responsibility of the University of the West Indies as the premier intellectual engine in our region.

This service will document and offer the wide variety of events and activities that occur on the four campuses of the UWI system on a daily basis; from conferences and symposia to public lectures and panel discussions; from cultural and artistic events to sporting activities.

Through this multimedia service, the UWI will enhance its ongoing mission to inform, educate, inspire and express the rich cultural and intellectual diversity of Caribbean civilisation.

Our video programmes will be distributed on cable television networks that reach into the homes of 2.5 million people in 22 country markets across the Caribbean region and on the Internet and social media platforms that reach millions more across the globe.

We will create and distribute video programmes that not only reflect the deep learning, teaching and cutting-edge research occurring among the students and faculties on the four campuses of the UWI, but that are also designed to enrich the minds of young and old and to open new worlds and perspectives to Caribbean people across the region and the world.

In so doing, UWI-TV will take the university beyond the boundaries of its landed campuses into homes, offices and schools across the world. It will expand UWI’s contributions to strengthening democracy and development and to promoting deeper Caribbean regional integration and cooperation.

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