Induction Ceremony of Professor Brian Copeland

The Induction Ceremony of Professor Brian Copeland as Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the St. Augustine Campus of The University of the West Indies (The UWI) took place at the Daaga Auditorium on July 8, 2017.

The Induction of the Campus Principal is a formal ceremony recognising new leadership and direction, and the official act of the campus taking an historic step into its next chapter. During the ceremony, the new Principal is formally endowed with the responsibilities of his appointment. The ceremony gives the Principal the opportunity to share a vision for the campus. As is tradition, the ceremony takes place within the year after the official appointment is made. Faculty and staff are invited to participate as the installation acts not only as an opportunity for the campus to look ahead to its future while honouring its traditions, but serves as an official recognition of the Principal as a member of University’s senior administrative and academic leadership. It is therefore a formal academic ceremony complete with an Academic Procession.

At The University of the West Indies, the University Registrar calls upon the Vice Chancellor to present the Campus Principal to the Chancellor for Induction. After being presented to the Chancellor by the Vice-Chancellor, the Principal is then formally inducted by the Chancellor. The first ceremony for the Induction of a Campus Principal (and Deputy Campus Principal) was held at the Mona Campus in 1991 when Professor Gerald Lalor and Professor Marlene Hamilton were inducted. The Induction of Deputy Principals has been discontinued.

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