Mr Frank Soodeen, Sponsor of the Knowledge Resource Domain shares an in-depth look at its digital transformation

In this episode of Digital Dialogues. Mr Frank Soodeen, Campus Librarian at The UWI, St Augustine is featured. He leads the Knowledge Resource Domain within the framework of the UWI Digital Transformation Programme.

The Knowledge Resource Domain accounts for all the information assets within the University; how they are managed, organised and disseminated to support our core business—both from the academic and administrative sides. It comprises all the library, records and archival services.

In addressing its digital transformation, this domain is divided into two streams: library and taxonomy/classification systems and records and archives. The goal is to streamline data flows throughout the University system for further efficiency within processes and functions for an improved customer service experience for both internal and external customers. Mr Soodeen shares a more in-depth perspective in the video.

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