PVC Stephan Gift discusses the goals, challenges and progress to date for the Academic Domain

As the Digital Dialogues series continues, I’m pleased to share a conversation with Professor Stephan Gift, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Graduate Studies and Research, who is also charged with the responsibility of being Sponsor of the Academic Domain in the digital transformation programme.

To remind you, the work model for the digital transformation programme is focused on optimising five mission-critical operations across the entire University system—academics, knowledge resources, technology, finance and administration.

Perhaps the most important among them is the Academic Domain, which covers all the undergraduate, graduate, continuing and professional education, open and distance learning programmes and services offered by The UWI; this is our core business.

In the video, Professor Gift discusses the goals, challenges and progress to date for digital transformation in this mission-critical area as we continue in the discovery phase.

In case you may have missed one or more of our earlier bulletins or Digital Dialogue episodes, or just to find more resources, visit the dedicated online space www.uwi.edu/digital-transformation.