More help for Students

Additional financial assistance is on the way for local students pursing studies in select areas at the campuses of the University of the West Indies.

It comes in the form of the Elliott and Loretta Belgrave Scholarship Trust, which was launched on Saturday at Government House. The Trust has been registered as a local charity.

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave, told the media that the objective “of this Trust is to assist financially disadvantaged students to pursue studies in disciplines such as accountancy, marine engineering, architecture, law of the sea and legislative drafting at the various campuses at the University of the West Indies”.

It was further explained by Sir Paul Altman, one of the Trust’s trustees, that the charity “has set as it goals, firstly, the raising of funds to assist needy Barbadians students pursing degree courses at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. Secondly, the advancement of education including the provision in universities and like institutions of scholarships, bursaries, prizes and other awards. Thirdly, the promotion, publication and research with the view to increasing the common stock of knowledge”.

Sir Paul also explained that the trustees “have set our initial target of five scholarships in year one and this ties in with schools, colleges and our Cave Hill Campus”. He added, it is hoped that the first set of scholarships will be presented in September. He additionally said that “a committee from amongst our trustees will oversee the selection process and the scholarships will be advertised in the press”.

The other trustees of the charity are daughter of the Governor General and attorney-at-law, Susan Belgrave Matheson, senior assistant registrar at the UWI, Cave Hill Campus, Jennifer Hinkson, Senator Carol Lady Haynes, former banker, Ian Estwick, Chairman of the Child Care Board, Kenneth Knight and Senator Dr. Sir Trevor Carmichael. Meanwhile the committee’s members are Managing Director of Al-Hart Public Relations, Al Gilkes, stalwart in the culinary industry, Monty Cumberbatch and attorney-at-law, Glenda Medford. Read more

Source: Barbados Advocate