History, Heritage and Identity Symposium

The History, Heritage and Identity Symposium was held virtually on November 12, 2020.

In the context of the global outrage and gathering protest movement at the death of George Floyd, the Afro-Caribbean Churches in the UK have turned to The UWI for partnership and support to stage an Online Symposium, which they have described as an attempt “to construct the intellectual infrastructure for a high-quality conversation with the Church of England and other officials in the power structure of British society”.

Ostensibly, these Bishops and pastors on behalf of their congregants and mass of people of West Indian heritage living in the United Kingdom, are seeking to engage the Church of England and the wider British society on the “uncomfortable facts and details” of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, as part of a larger and more long-term goal to establish the UK Diaspora in a correct knowledge of their history and cultural identity.

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