Amid the grief, is there hope?

HOW much more can we take? The seemingly unending tide of destruction — the taking of children’s lives by robbers and murderers — has brought anguish to parents, guardians and, to the wider public, a sense of despair. Words of consolation have become a regular litany, calling for an answer to what has beset us, but the pain does not go away easily and the evil has not stopped.

A crowd gathered on the grounds of Jamaica College on Monday morning past, joined in sympathy for the profound grief felt by a family who has suffered at the hands of an evildoer who, robbing their son, a young student, of his possessions, took his life. On Monday morning, prayers were said and speeches delivered with the message that, despite despair, we cannot let the evil ones completely deprive us of hope.

After the gathering dispersed, parents, guardians and others went off to mourn. Officials left behind uttered words of consolation and advice to soothe the broken hearts.

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Source: Observer