Author Gives View On Coping With Campus Life

At 27-years-old, Jelani Payne, like many young people has survived and graduated university. However, unlike his colleagues, Jelani decided to give a bit of encouragement to those who are taking that critical step in their lives, by writing a book about campus life.

The book which is entitled “Survive, Thrive & Stay Alive in College” was launched on Monday at The Days Bookstore, and is also available in e-copy on This young author and University of the West Indies alumnus studied Mechanical Engineering, AAS Electronics & Computer Engineering and worked in a number of areas such as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Submersibles and Marine Management; and presently he is in the field of Energy Management Solutions.

Jelani explained that he was a bit of a bookworm who in his youth enjoyed books like “Hardy Boys”, “Enid Blyton”, “Nancy Drew” and “Archie” comics. With his love of reading and books, this project did not intimidate him but it needed a high degree of commitment. The book which he started two years ago is the “ultimate college survival guide”. He said it is a book which does not tell people what to do but examines the benefits and opportunities of college life which can enhance your personal and professional lives. For Jelani, college or university should be an enjoyable experience. Read more

Source: Barbados Advocate