CALL OF DUTY: Ambassador Richard Bernal on roots, service and writing things down

FOR Ambassador Richard Bernal, few things matter as deeply as serving one’s country and making a difference. It’s a principle that was instilled in him from boyhood. “Growing up, one of the first major lessons I learned was to have a sense of purpose and try to make a difference wherever possible. One’s life must be about contributing to national development,” shares the esteemed diplomat, who grew up in the Mona Heights area of St. Andrew and went on to attend the neighbouring University of the West Indies (UWI) in the late ’60s.

“It was a privilege to go to university, and I felt an obligation to give back,” he notes. “Growing up in Mona, it was the logical thing to go to [UWI]. It was a wonderful experience. Now I’m back there, trying to help the university go global.”

As you should be aware, Richard Bernal, whose work in the Foreign Service is legendary, now serves as the university’s Pro-Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs, a post that draws on his love of academia and international relations. Read more

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