Call for Case Studies on Learning & Teaching SDGs in Universities: DEADLINE EXTENDED

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) has extended the deadline for submitting case studies on SDG teaching and learning in universities! Submissions are now due on APRIL 12, 2019

These case studies will support the new version of the “Getting Started with the SDGs in Universities” guide. Universities and higher education institutions from all parts of the world are invited to submit case studies on SDG-related activities they are undertaking. The aim is to capture and showcase a diverse range of innovative, impactful, and replicable university SDG implementation practices that can inspire and assist other universities to take action.

Submissions are invited for initiatives that were either motivated by the SDGs or explicitly address them. This is a great opportunity to highlight your UPP activities! (While initiatives that pre-existed the SDGs, but are thematically linked to these goals are important, the focus of this call is on identifying cases where universities have taken the SDGs as a frame to design a new line of action.)

The following are the categories of the cases of focus and a more detailed topic list is available here:

  • Embedding SDG-related knowledge and skills/competencies in the curriculum or formal learning & teaching activities
  • Mobilizing students on the SDGs
  • Educating the community on the SDGs
  • Embedding SDGs in university strategies, policies, operations and reports
  • Transforming the Higher Education System
  • Promoting uptake of SDGs in learning & teaching in the broader higher education sector

Case studies should be submitted via the Google Form here and you may preview of the information
requested here.

For further information please see: