Call For Papers - January 2020: UWI Quality Education Forum (Issue # 24)

Theme: Academic Literacies in Higher Education

The UWI Quality Education Forum (QEF) is an annual peer-reviewed journal published by the University of the West Indies, Office of the Board for Undergraduate Studies (OBUS).  With a view to enhancing the delivery of higher education, the QEF provides a platform for scholars, educational practitioners, administrators, and students within and outside of the Caribbean to disseminate knowledge and ideas related to teaching and learning, administration and other support systems and practices.  Submissions of academic papers and research reports, case studies and book reviews – the outcome of original research and rigorous analyses – are invited.

The focus for this issue, volume -, is the importance of Academic Literacies/ Academic Literacy to the successful performance of students at the Tertiary Level. According to Mary Lea and Brian Street (2006), “The term “Academic Literacies” refers to the diverse and multiple literacies found in academic contexts such as disciplinary and subject matter courses.” During the last two decades, “Academic Literacies” has received increased attention as a disciplinary field. “Academic Literacies/Academic Literacy” draws on a range of disciplinary fields such as discourse studies, Linguistics, Socio-Linguistics, and Socio-Cultural theories of learning.  Several issues of epistemological, strategic and ideological positions are applied in the research which is designed to investigate academic communication, within and across disciplines. Academic Literacies/Academic Literacy is critical to students’ success in Higher Education, particularly because they are assessed mainly through their written work.

Abstracts are invited which address, but are not limited to the following areas:

  • The teaching/learning of discipline-specific writing
  • Genre-based writing models and the teaching of Academic Literacies/Academic Literacy
  • Integrating Academic Literacy and Information Literacy
  • Academic Literacy and instruction in the teaching/learning of foreign languages
  • Teaching Academic Literacy in the networked academic environment
  • Student Support Services in the development of Academic Literacies/Academic Literacy
  • Academic Literacy and Students’ socio-cultural backgrounds.

Please submit 500-word abstracts of papers to by July 31, 2019.

Email submissions preferred.  Acceptances will be sent by October 5, 2019. If you have any questions, please contact