As Caribbean countries grapple with the threat of Covid-19 to their sustainable development, the Caribbean Sociological Association (CASA) is hosting a virtual public forum titled “Covid-19 & the Caribbean: Social Fallout and Response” in conjunction with the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social & Economic Studies and the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work, UWI, Mona on Tuesday 7th April, 2020 from 3:30PM EST – 5:30PM EST. While the Covid-19 pandemic has occupied discussions around health, its reach extends beyond to other social, political, economic and psychological domains. Its effects exacerbate already existing challenges in society at the individual, community and societal levels from the abuse of children, domestic violence and depression to unemployment, poverty and the deficiencies in policy frameworks.

As Caribbean nationals seek to construct new realities in a short space of time the forum is in keeping with CASA’s vision to contribute meaningfully to social change and development in the Caribbean through the active use of sociology in the production and dissemination of knowledge grounded in truth, justice, equality, respect for human differences and the environment and its mission in demonstrating the value of sociology in interpreting, understanding and resolving development problems in the Caribbean to improve quality of life through research, teaching, policy intervention and advocacy.

CASA’s forum brings together the expertise of sociologists Professor Aldrie Henry-Lee specialist in Children/Child Rights and Social Policy and Dr. Orville Taylor, Labour and Employment Rights specialist, Dr. Roy McCree Community Development & Youth specialist, Dr. Dennis Edwards, Psychologist and Disaster Management and Response specialist and Dr. Tomlin Paul, Medical Doctor and Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Mona. The discussion explores the conflicts between Caribbean cultural practices and public health measures that have been recommended and implemented. Members of the public are invited to join in and submit questions to the expert panel. It promises to be a vibrant discussion and can be accessed using any of the following links:

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