Castro's death - the end of an era - Rupert Lewis

Retired Lecturer in the Department of  Government at the University of  the West Indies, Mona, Professor Rupert Lewis says the death of Fidel Castro  has signalled the end of  an era.

“A very special era has passed in which Fidel Castro became a global figure in the battle of the oppressed for a better life, against inequality, against forms of global exploitation and so on, he was a huge figure in the politics of the last 50-odd years”

According to Lewis, Castro’s legacy should be assessed based on the example set and the impact he had on the world as ‘a big man from a small island’ and this was evident in Cuba sending 400,000 soldiers during the war in Angola in the 1970’s and 80’s.

“In addition , the Caribbean as a whole has benefited from the expansion in health, education, we have benfitted from other aspects in sports, the facilities (such as), G.C. Foster .  Generally we have had good relations with Cuba across different political regimes, the high point of course was with Michael Manley who had a strong relationship with Castro.”

Concerning Cuba’s future  – the retired lecturer believes the Caribbean will continue to have a good relationship with Cuba despite the death of the former leader. Read more

Source: RJR News