Copeland: $500M UWI South Campus first intake in August

Situated on a 142-acre site near the Picton Presbyterian Primary School and minutes away from the Debe High School is a jumble of concrete and metal structures, rotundas, spiral staircases covered in bright blue tarpaulin and glass reflecting the midday sunlight.

Amid the jumble is a sign—white with two shades of blue, identifying the Faculty of Law.

About 400 metres, down a roadway, near a slanted metal bar, on a wall, is another sign. This one indicating the University of the West Indies (UWI) South Campus.

On August 2, 2012, the contract to commence construction of the South Campus in Penal-Debe was signed at the Office of the Campus Principal.

It was expected that the first intake of students would begin in January 2016.

Today, the campus has a new date for its first intake—August 2017.

In a brief interview with the Sunday Guardian on Wednesday, Prof Brian Copeland, UWI’s newest chancellor, said the a decision had been made on Tuesday, and UWI was hoping to begin populating the school by August.

“We will move to the campus, get it started and whatever needs to be completed, we will deal with it as time goes by,” Copeland said.

He said the university will also be completed within its initial budget of approximately $500 million. Read more

Source: Guardian Trinidad and Tobago