Degrees from the University of West Indies Are Now Accepted In China

The University of the West Indies has announced the official recognition of its degrees in China. In correspondence to UWI Vice-chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles, dated Dec. 15, 2016, Ambassador Niu Qingbao, of the embassy of China in Jamaica, affirmed the school’s status as an approved university by the ministry of education of China.

This landmark development means that UWI degrees are now accepted by China’s highest education authorities, and is an acknowledgement that the regional institution is comparable to other internationally renowned universities in the UK, EU, U.S. and Canada, which have all sought to establish themselves in China.

It paves “a silk road for education,” fostering deeper collaboration between the Caribbean and China, as both Caribbean and Chinese students studying at any of UWI’s campuses now are assured that their degrees will be accepted by future Chinese employers. Read more

Source: Atlanta Black Star