Eddie Baugh remembers Walcott

Early in his life, Nobel Laureate for literature the late Derek Walcott toyed with whether to become a painter or a writer. His friend and colleague, retired university lecturer Professor Edward Baugh is happy he chose the latter.

The St Lucia-born Walcott died at his home on the sister Caribbean island early Friday morning, at the age of 87, after what has been described as a protracted illness.

“I was not really surprised when I heard he passed,” Baugh told the Sunday Observer. “I knew he was on the down and was told anything was to be expected. I saw him last June when I was in St Lucia, he was having health problems which did not seem to be improving.”

For Baugh, Walcott is the greatest, or certainly among the top two poets from the Caribbean. Recognised globally for his contribution to literature, Walcott taught creative writing for many years at Boston University in the United States and was the founder of the Boston Playwright Theatre. He was also the recipient of the Musgrave Gold Medal as well as an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Jamaica. Walcott also founded the Trinidad Theatre Workshop when he lived in that country. Read more

Source: Jamaica Observer