Funding Opportunity: Student and Staff Exchange

Enhancing Knowledge and Application of Comprehensive Disaster Management (EKACDM) Initiative
Project Background: The EKACDM Initiative is a five-year sub-project under the Caribbean Disaster Risk Management Programme funded by Global Affairs Canada aimed at establishing an effective mechanism for managing and sharing Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) knowledge that will be of use for various stakeholders, including, governments, local communities, the voluntary sector, and the private sector. The Initiative’s Ultimate Outcome is the implementation of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) CDM Enhanced Strategy and Programme Framework (2007) (and its successor 2014-2024 framework) to reduce the impacts of natural and technological hazards and the effect of climate change on men, women, and children in the region. There are three expected Intermediate Outcomes of the Initiative:

  • The creation of a regional network which generates, manages, and disseminates knowledge on CDM, including gender issues;
  • The increased use of standardised gender-sensitive educational and training materials for CDM by professionals and students in the Caribbean; and
  • The enhanced mainstreaming of gender-sensitive decision-making for CDM in the public and private sectors, in particular Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

General Objective: The EKACDM Initiative invites applications for short-term exchanges for staff and students in tertiary institutions and national disaster management organizations In CDEMA States and territories conducting research. The objective of the EKACDM Student and Staff Exchange Programme is to facilitate research and capacity building in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

Who can apply?
The Exchange Programme is open to the staff and post-graduate students of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions and Specialized Centres, who are directly involved in individual or collaborative research or teaching related to comprehensive disaster risk management. The Exchange Programme is also open to the staff of National Disaster Offices (NDOs) wishing to enhance their DRM knowledge or capacity or to share such with other CDM partners. Read more

Source: The UWI Mona Campus