J'cans encouraged to pay close attention to their diet

KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) — Acting Director of the Caribbean Institute for Health Research at the University of the West Indies Professor Marvin Reid, is reiterating the need for persons to pay close attention to the relationship between nutrition and cancer. Speaking on behalf of the Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS), Professor Reid said nutrition plays a role both as a risk factor and as a tool for management of the disease.

“There are strategies and interventions that can be employed by the cancer patient that can improve chances of survival,” he said explaining that the risk factors for many cancers involve high-fat diets and poor nutrition.

Professor Reid who is also a volunteer physician at the JCS explained that cancer occurs when a cell in the body does not follow instructions.

“It just keeps growing and does not listen to the regular body signals, so it is a misbehaving cell which proliferates and grows and becomes a misbehaving tissue,” he said. Read more

Source: Jamaica Observer