Kantasingh says digital scoring long overdue

Trinidad and Tobago cricketer Kavesh Kantasingh has welcomed the introduction of digital scoring into the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board’s (TTCB) domestic club competitions. 
This season, the TTCB has mandated Premiership Division I and II clubs to score matches using CricHQ, the world’s largest digital scoring platform.
Kantasingh commended the scorers and administrators from eight of 16 Premiership Division clubs that attended the compulsory CricHQ training session on Saturday at the Kenneth Julien Building, The University of the West Indies, St Augustine. Attending were representatives from: Orange Field SC, Caldrac, Prisons SC, Queen’s Park Cricket Club, FC Clarke Road, Merry Boys, PowerGen and Cane Farm.
“Cricket has evolved and become a business. And like any business, if not correctly and efficiently adhered to, it will fail. The game has evolved and left us using old protocols and outdated management styles in the modern era,” said the 30-year-old.
He continued, “Technology now plays an integral part of all international sports. Not only is it used during the broadcast of games, it is used as a preparation tool by players and coaches. Technology in the modern game has allowed for decisions to become fair, allowing for the highest standards of play and competition. From a player’s perspective, I am excited for the launch of CricHQ. This software will revolutionise our game…especially off the field.”
The left-arm spinner stressed that while the rest of the world has embraced technology to improve all facets of their cricket, the Caribbean is yet to do the same and this is reflected in the International Cricket Council rankings of the West Indies team. Read more
Source: Trinidad Express