‘Keep religion out of school’, UWI lecturer says

The head of the Political Science Department at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus has decried what he calls the “tyranny of the majority” which imposes Christian teachings in public schools.

According to Dr Tennyson Joseph, the governments of Caribbean countries, including the government Antigua & Barbuda, should leave religious teachings to the private sphere” as opposed to the public sphere”.

Dr Joseph said, “What happens in a modern democracy is that you separate church from state. In the American system for example, nobody’s going to impose something on you in the public sphere; in schools they don’t teach religion.

“Now at home; if you’re a Jew, then you bring your child up as a Jew. If you’re a Muslim then you bring the child up as a Muslim. If you’re a Rastafarian you bring your child up as a Rastafarian. That is how a modern democracy works [but] the problem in the Caribbean is that the state imposes a religion on young people.” Read more

Source: Antigua Observer