Keisha Hayle - a true educator

SHE’S a fun-loving, committed and philanthropic teacher who is bent on bringing out the best in students under her care.

Keisha Hayle, 41, told All Woman that she was born and raised in East Kirkland Heights, St Andrew — the fourth of five children to a single mother. While she recounted the joys of her childhood, Hayle said her circumstances were far from fortunate and as a result she did her best in all her endeavours.

“I always focused on what I did best. That really mattered to me. This attitude followed me throughout life and I strived to be the best at whatever I did,” she said.

And so it was no surprise that when she started high school and the reality of being poor hit home, she swam against the tide in order to be successful.

“Many times I never had money for food. A lady sold Chinese sweets and often I would suck the one sweet for the entire day. I had one uniform and one blouse from first form to third form and it began to thread out and that’s when an uncle who helped raise me — Ceford McKenzie — bought me another one. I had to walk to school many times. My mother couldn’t really afford the fees and books, but I liked to read so I read my friends’ books most of the time in order to know the material.”

During this time, Hayle shared that she would tutor students in her community. She eventually enrolled at the University of the West Indies where she pursued a degree in psychology and political science.

Shortly afterwards, she landed a job at Red Hills Primary and Junior High, which she says really brought out her passion for teaching, and even led to her furthering her studies.

“I saw that most of the children couldn’t learn, so I went to Mico to do reading, to see how to get through to these children. After that I went back to do my Master’s at Mico. This is where my teaching career really took off. With these newfound skills I put my best foot forward. I like the challenge of a child not being able to read and getting them up to standard,” she said.

But in 2011, Hayle said her turning point happened when she suffered a ruptured aneurysm in her stomach and “came face-to-face” with her Maker, questioned her purpose, and knew there was more she could do. Read more

Source: All Woman (Jamaica)