Kimone Montique - Whithorn Native Envisions Constant Togetherness

Twenty-one-year-old Kimone Montique serves as a beacon, illuminating youngsters within the Whithorn community in Westmoreland.

An integrated marketing and communications major at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Montique is also a member of the Positive Organization, a Respect Jamaica ambassador, as well as a member of the The Source Community Resource Centre in Savanna-la-Mar, International Y Service and Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI).

“I started volunteering and youth advocacy at the age of 16, when I was introduced to The Source Community Resource Centre in Savanna-la-Mar,” she told The Gleaner.

She added: “I initially started out because I needed volunteer hours in order to graduate high school. After my first couple weeks working alongside other youths, I began loving it. This led me to return every day for the rest of that summer, every national holiday, and every event that required community involvement.”

Through her affiliation with various community- and youth-oriented initiatives, Montique has executed several projects in her western Jamaica community as well as other environs across the country.

It was that same dedication to service that afforded her the opportunity to pursue her degree, as she was awarded a Governor General Summer of Service Scholarship in 2015.

An event in summer of 2016 is the most memorable for Montique, since she began giving to those in need.

She was given the opportunity to travel abroad on a student work and travel programme and was branded a CCI ambassador.

“As an ambassador, I sat at a table with quite a number of youth advocates from around the world discussing social issues that we are faced with and ways in which we can mitigate these issues. This was an outstanding initiative because it better equipped me with knowledge and resources to return to Jamaica and implement projects based on the specific issues we discussed,” she said. Read more

Source: Jamaica Gleaner