Live presentations of UWI Annual Reports begin March 5

2021 Council Meetings and public Q&A sessions to air on UWItv

Continuing its tradition and commitment to transparency and engagement among its stakeholders, The University of the West Indies (The UWI) begins a series of live broadcast of its annual report presentations on Friday, March 5 via UWItv.

The Council Meetings, as they are called, are considered the regional, public University’s annual business meetings, during which accountability of operations, finances and all activities undertaken during the academic year are presented to the Councils.

Each of The UWI’s five campuses is governed by a Council/executive body and over the coming weeks, Campus Council meetings will be held virtually at Mona, Cave Hill, St Augustine, Open Campus and Five Islands respectively. Then on Friday, April 30, 2020, the University Council will hear from Vice-Chancellor of The UWI, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles an account of the overall University system and its Centre operations.

This Friday, at the first of the 2021 Council Meetings, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Dale Webber will lead the presentation of the annual report for the Mona Campus for the academic year ending July 31, 2020 and then facilitate questions. It will be carried live on the University’s public information multimedia platform via and via Facebook live from 9:00 am (EST/Jamaica) | 10:00 am (AST/Eastern Caribbean).

Others in the series of the 2021 UWI Council Meetings will be carried via UWItv’s online and Flow Channels. The schedule of upcoming meetings follows:

Friday, March 12
Cave Hill Campus Council Meeting | 8:30 am (EST/Jamaica) | 9:30 am (AST/Eastern Caribbean)

Tuesday, March 16
St Augustine Campus Council Meeting | 9:00 am (EST/Jamaica) | 10:00 am (AST/Eastern Caribbean)

Friday, March 19
Open Campus Council Meeting | 8:00 am (Belize) | 9:00 am (EST/Jamaica) | 10:00 am (AST/Eastern Caribbean)

Friday, March 26
Five Islands Campus Council Meeting | 9:00 am (EST/Jamaica) | 10:00 am (AST/Eastern Caribbean)

Friday, April 30
University Council Meeting | 9:00 am (EST/Jamaica) | 10:00 am (AST/Eastern Caribbean)