Mad rush home!

UNIVERSITY of the West Indies (UWI) Vice Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles yesterday said the Caribbean region must be prepared for a return of many Caribbean nationals and Hispanics from the United States, further marginalising and diminishing the demographics of minorities in the US, following the stunning election to the US Presidency of Republican candidate billionaire Donald Trump on Tuesday.

“You are going to witness a return of larger and larger numbers of Caribbean peoples back to the region, and significant numbers of Hispanics back to Latin America.

In the context of a massive migration out of Eastern Europe into the US, we are going to witness in the next year or two the changing demographics there,” Sir Hilary said.

This will have an adverse impact on the global economy, he added, saying, “We are going to see the deepening of the world recession, because three quarters of humanity will assume that the US no longer possess the moral authority to direct the world.” Addressing a online forum yesterday on, “The Caribbean say on the US today” at the UWI Regional Headquarters in Mona, Jamaica in the wake of Trump’s victory, Sir Hilary said that based on history, Trump’s victory was “entirely predictable and expected. As a humanist, an idealist…it was fearful.” On some important lessons to learn from the election result, Sir Hilary said, “I have no doubt we are going to see a political strategy that imagines North America as a centre of a reconstructed White global supremacy ideal.” The foundation has already been laid for a massive migration out of Europe into the US and North America, and with Trump’s migration policy, the re-migration of Non-Whites to their original homeland, he said. In modern history, Beckles said that this will be the third phase of such a migration, the first phase being that which led to the first phase, the construction of “Plantation America.” After the second phase, the emancipation of slavery during the middle of the 19th century, Sir Hilary said, the black community was on par to become a significant part of the society in terms of demographics. Read more

Source: Newsday