Mona Commons To Be Redeveloped, Only A Handful Of Persons To Be Relocated

After years of posturing and several threats that squatters would be removed, the majority of persons who captured lands owned by the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Mona Commons, St Andrew, have been given the green light to stay.

The squatters, who constructed houses, set up businesses and created an informal community that threatened the teaching status of the University Hospital of the West Indies, will now be allowed to remain on the lands which will be redeveloped, starting closer to the end of this year.

The settlement, which has steadily expanded over the years with about 1,000 residents now living there, is spread across approximately 10 acres of land despite plans by different administrations to have it demolished and at least 50 per cent of the squatters relocated.

UWI principal, Professor Archibald McDonald, told a recent Gleaner Editors’ Forum that he learnt of the relocation recommendation some years ago.

“It was during my tenure as chief executive officer of the hospital I discovered that recommendations were in place for the relocation of about 50 per cent of the residents. But that was not on. It would take an army to do that,” McDonald told Gleaner editors and reporters. Read more

Source: Jamaica Gleaner