MSBM director values UWI research to public, private sectors

Director of the Professional Services Unit of the Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM), Dr William Lawrence, says that academic research can provide substantial value for government policy and business strategy.

Dr Lawrence said that the recently completed Phase 1 of the National Commercial Bank (NCB)-sponsored applied research in corporate transformation, which was undertaken by the MSBM, is an excellent example of how academic research can provide value.

“The value of this research to the private sector is immense and shows that there is great success in partnership with academia. Indeed, this is considered ideal in most developed countries and we hope to see this trend increase locally and regionally, particularly involving MSBM and our private sector,” he stated.

Dr Lawrence was speaking at the recent first Policy Research Impact Forum hosted by the Mona Office of Research and Innovation, and the Office of the Principal in collaboration with the MSBM. It is part of the ongoing Annual UWI Research Days programme. Research day 2017 was observed under the theme “UWI Mona Driving Development through Research and Innovation”. Read more

Source: Jamaica Observer