No excavation yet at artefact site

The University of the West Indies Archaeology Unit cannot excavate and survey the site where 2,000- year-old Amerindian artefacts were found in Valsayn unless the owner grants them permission.

This was revealed by senior lecturer of Archaeology at the University of the West Indies Dr Basil Reid.

In an interview, Dr Reid said he has not yet had the opportunity to visit the site as permission must be granted by land owner Melissa Jagroop-Topha.

“People have rights and the land owner will have to give permission for us to do a site visit,” Reid said.

He explained that pieces of pottery or adorno appears to be Saladoid (Palo Seco), which is a Trinidadian “local” group of the Saladoid culture that extended from T&T to Puerto Rico during the period 500 BC to AD 600.

“Decoratively, Saladoid (Palo Seco) pottery show painted, incised, punctuated, and modelled motifs. Adornos were originally affixed to ceramic bowls, which were usually trotted out during ceremonial feasting and used as serving containers,” he said. Read more