‘No Shot Nah Bus!’ - Murder-Free 2016 For August Town

Cheerful music, the knocking of dominoes and frisky children romping in green spaces were the sights that greeted our news team last Friday as residents of the St Andrew community of August Town celebrated a year without any murders.

In a year when more than 1,350 persons were murdered across the island, an 11 per cent increase over 2015, August Town leaders were beaming that the once volatile and deadly inner-city community added nothing to this count.

“There was once a time, nobody would come to August Town because of the crime and violence we had here. At one time, every time August Town made the news, it was for something bad, such as a shooting. I feel so proud that today, August Town is in the news for positive things,” said Charmaine, as she beamed with pride.

“Gun used to bark in August Town, but right now, it’s just love and peace … nothing but that, and we love that,” added Charmaine.

The residents gathered in Bryce Hill Square Friday evening to celebrate what they deem a significant milestone. Read more