ONE LOVE/ONE UWI #15 | Message from the Vice-Chancellor

A Message to the Caribbean
Time To Advance: No Time to Retreat

You the class of 2020 will graduate as the first “Post-COVID” generation; one that the region will need more than ever. Our economic and social development will require larger numbers of academic and technically trained citizens. This generation will be the ones called upon to take us ahead on the journey as we navigate through to the other side of COVID-19.

How blessed we are as Caribbean citizens that the corrosive COVID-19 virus has not weakened our resolve, but has found us in confident possession of a Triple First, ranked by the Times Higher Education: number one in the Caribbean, top 1% in Latin America, and top 1% of Golden Age universities globally.

Prospective students, as you contemplate your future beyond this pandemic, I ask you to consider that now is the opportunity for you to embrace university education for professional development, skills training, and intellectual growth. We are eager to have you join the family.

Returning students, I remind you that we are here to welcome you back “home” with open arms.

This is not a time for retreat from your university experience. Despite the problems and pain posed by this pandemic, this is the prime time to advance the journey to your professional future. To retreat is to impede your promise, weaken your family’s prospects, and narrow the parameters of your nation and region. This is the moment to step forward with confidence and create opportunities.

At the same time, we want our governments and private stakeholders to know that we are ready, as always, to produce the social capital need to drive our economies out of COVID-19 constraints. We have the confidence to craft the future we wish for ourselves.

We invite you to advance with us at The University of the West Indies – five campuses; first in our region; top in our hemisphere; top in the world.

Professor Sir Hilary Beckles,
Vice- Chancellor

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