ONE LOVE/ONE UWI #2: Message from the Vice-Chancellor

A Series from Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Hilary Beckles

The mountains of the Caribbean
stand shoulders square unflinched
sustained by the blood and sweat of our ancestors
they know all sores and welts will be refashioned
we have done it before
emerging from filthy holds rebounding
(The Storyteller’s Return, Opal Palmer Adisa)
This week, in many ways, was strategically seminal for our University. As our regional political leaders actioned and deepened COVID-19 management and containment policies, with the embedded, multifaceted engagement and participation of The UWI, we were steeped in fine-tuning the roll out of our new teaching and learning ecosystem.

In this regard, a specially convened executive meeting involving our five Campus Principals was followed by a mind-and-heart session with the leadership of our five Student Guilds.

Principals were applauded for their leadership in moving our campuses with alacrity and agility along the remote teaching and learning trajectory. As a consequence, campuses are now well-positioned to effectively launch the online delivery culture. We know that there is more work to be done to facilitate our students, and we are fully aware of the priorities.

There was enthusiasm within the student leadership, reflecting a willingness to embrace the present teaching and learning predicaments and anticipate future fascinations. I was very proud of their calm and critical approach, and the display of visioning while representing the student community. These values and abilities have been evident in their leadership from the outset of our COVID-19 response.

A number of commitments were made, the most significant being the decision that joint meetings of Campus Principals and Guild Presidents will be held from time to time to share collective responsibility for designing our future paths.

Across our university system, staff are working beyond the call of duty to facilitate business continuity. This is not going unnoticed.

I take this opportunity to express my sincerest appreciation to all students and staff at every level for your patience, resilience and alacrity as we adjust to new norms within our regional University.

Blessings upon The UWI family and the communities we serve. Peace and safety.

Professor Sir Hilary Beckles

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