ONE LOVE/ONE UWI #3: Message from the Vice-Chancellor

A Series from Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Hilary Beckles

“The weeping Rainstorm from our reading book bore
strong resemblance to my sister Carmen,
here full head of hair whipping up great
shocks of black rain clouds;
her tall, full body wedged between heaven
and earth’s birth passage and rainfall
her long eye-water on storm days.”(Rainstorm is Weeping, Lorna Goodison)
And, there is no weeping with The UWI. This week we shall be soothing the pained heart of the matter — our students, how best and how soon they will be examined in respect of the Semester II teaching and learning experience.

We shall do so within our culture of collegial engagement that features ongoing dialogue between campus principals and campus guild presidents. This week will be an inaugural “Five and Five” meeting. Our five principals and five presidents shall meet to discuss examination schedules and modalities, and related matters.

The UWI Executive Management Team has also considered and decided that the business of The UWI must go on, while in full compliance with the public health policies of our governments. Our scientists within The UWI COVID-19 Task Force have informed us that there will be no post-COVID-19 “golden era” to which we shall return. Therefore, as we make the future for our UWI, its core business and mission-critical meetings must go on.

In this regard, we will complete the round of online Campus Council meetings that have gone very well, then move on to the University Grants Committee meeting, and finally the University Council meeting. Consultations are ongoing with the Chairs and stakeholders of these committees to ensure the orderly sustainability of the University.

Meanwhile, visioning the summer period, and the start of the new academic year 2020-2021, is in full gear.

Professor Sir Hilary Beckles

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