People not happy

United National Congress (UNC) chairman David Lee yesterday said the political party was very happy that UNC won the popular vote in last Monday’s 2016 Local Government Election.

On Friday, the Elections and Boundaries Commission released the official results of the election stating that the UNC won 180,758 votes to the People’s National Movement’s (PNM) 174,754 votes.

Lee said the UNC gained more support compared to the last local government election in 2013, increasing their votes by 48 percent, while the PNM slipped by eight or nine percent.

However, speaking to members of the media after an HDC Housing key distribution ceremony at the Government Campus Plaza in Port-of-Spain yesterday, PNM Public Relations Officer, Stuart Young, dismissed the achievement, saying the UNC simply gained Independent Liberal Party (ILP) supporters. “What you have to remember is that, when we look to the 2013 figures, you’re dealing with a third party. You’re dealing with ILP. What it seems has happen is it gained the majority of the ILP voter base. But what we in the PNM think is significant for us is when we look at it, we managed still to hold on to those who voted for us in 2013,” he said.

Young also said while the PNM and UNC tied 4 – 4 in the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, the PNM won the popular vote in that district.

Lee added that in the six corporations the party retained, there was a “higher than normal” voter turnout while voter turnout in the PNM-controlled corporations was much lower. “One has to ask, are the people of the PNM controlled corporations they dissatisfied with their own government? I believe it shows that people are dissatisfied with how the PNM has been running this country for the past 15 months,” he said.

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Source: News Day (Trinidad & Tobago)