Research to find cure for national ills

The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, Research Days last week gave us myriad examples of the power of research to improve our lives. In the areas of medicine, agricultural science, social and environmental research, we can see its impact and the benefits it would offer to Jamaica’s public sector transformation process.

At a ‘Policy Research Impact Forum’, Rickert Allen, senior general manager at National Commercial Bank, said that his company underwent radical transformation since 2001, turning to research to develop a strategy that would take the once-failing bank to its number one position in Jamaica today.

“There is a lot of research taking place, but no one is reading it,” said business lecturer Dr K’adawame K’nife. Interestingly, he noted that although there was not a strong research culture in Jamaica, the Jamaica Constabulary Force was one of the organisations that uses this resource to inform their strategy. I recall a group of young men in downtown Kingston making Clarks shoes knock-offs being rounded up, luckily by officers who had been trained in community policing. Instead of locking them up, the policemen recognised their talent and took them to the Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC) for guidance. With help from JBDC and the Digicel Foundation they are now on their way to becoming young entrepreneurs, and Dr K’nife, who has been their mentor, can show you the excellent shoes they made for him. Read more

Source: Jamaica Observer