School of Governance and Public Policy Launched

On February 25, the Campus unveiled its School of Governance and Public Policy that would offer specialised training to new workers, middle management, and senior leadership in public sector, para-statal and civil society organisations.

The School offers flexible learning opportunities for participants to refresh their skills and enhance their overall competence, expose participants to Caribbean and global best practices and new trends in public sector administration and strengthen collaborations between The UWI and the policy worlds.

The new department is the brainchild of campus principal Professor Eudine Barriteau, who believes that effective governance and policy implementation are critical to sustainable economic growth, building harmonious societies and promoting social cohesion.

“I welcome the offering of high-level seminars utilizing the proven expertise of retired senior public servants on topics such as, “Managing a Ministry during a change of administration”. What are the lessons to be learnt? The pitfalls to be avoided for this occurrence? The School will enable participants to retool, contextualise the relevance of the functions they undertake, but more critically, facilitate governments in realising their objective of delivering their development goals.”

The virtual school is a partnership of the Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work and Psychology and the Centre for Professional Development and Life Long Learning (CPDLL), with courses also being offered by other departments.

“As the needs in society evolve we also have to evolve new mechanisms to serve that society,” said Dean in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor Justin Robinson.

“Everyone is critically aware, whatever their ideology, that an effective public sector is critical to sustainable socio-economic development. The needs of the public sector, its role, the skills that are required are constantly evolving.”

The areas of study include, civics, government administration, budgeting, grant funding and interactions with regional and international institutions, government project management, preparation of technical reports, post crisis disaster management, protocol and diplomacy in the public service, auditing and cost controls in the public sector, procurements, and the role of government services in national development.

Head of the Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work and Psychology, Dr. Wendy Grenade and Head of Department of Management Studies and Campus Coordinator in the CPDLL, Dr. Dion Greenidge, were instrumental in making the School a reality.

“The curriculum for the School of Governance and Public Policy addresses needs based on proven best practices in public and private sector organisations and within the NGO community,” Dr. Greenidge said.

Dr. Grenade added that the School is designed to create a cadre of highly trained dynamic Caribbean leaders who are transformative, forward-looking, technologically competent, results oriented, regionally conscious, globally competitive and ethically grounded.