Spend more on early education training – UWI official

A leading University of the West Indies (UWI) official is pleading with regional governments to invest in training of early education teachers.

Chairman of the Eastern Caribbean Joint Board of Teacher Education (ECJBTE) Dr Babalola Ogunkola Tuesday expressed concern that only four of the seven member countries have students enrolled in the associate degree programme in early childhood education.

Dr Babalola Ogunkola

Dr Ogunkola, UWI’s director and senior lecturer in science education and evaluation, argued that investments in high-quality early childhood education had several long-term benefits, including higher adult earnings for programme participants.

“I call on all governments across the Eastern Caribbean to invest more on the training of early childhood education teachers. Let us remember that early childhood education is the foundation upon which other levels of education are built,” he said in welcoming delegates to this year’s Eastern Caribbean Joint Board of Teacher Education meeting at the Shell Suites of the Cave Hill Campus.   Read more

Source: Barbados Today