Students ‘thrown under the bus’

Four hours from UWI to San Fernando.

On Friday, I waited two hours for the arrival of the UWI bus in comparison to a normal 15-20 minute wait for this mode of transportation.

As per the usual schedule, the bus runs every hour, therefore a bus was carded for arrival promptly at 2.30 p.m.

However, the bus arrived at 4.10 p.m., causing frustrated and agitated UWI students who were waiting in the blazing hot sun to be in a rush, scampering to ensure that they secured a seat on the bus for God alone knows when the next bus would have arrived!

What is the reason for these frequent delays with the PTSC bus service?

As UWI students, we are the future of this nation, the future Prime Minister and politicians who will govern this blessed nation. Why must we suffer for transportation in such a manner?

The state of crime in this country has students terrified to travel via taxi, for fear of being raped or kidnapped. We therefore rely on the bus service as a safe mode of transportation to get to our various destinations.

These delays do not make our lives any easier but all the more difficult and stressful.

As Dr Eric Williams stated: “The future of our nation is in our children’s schoolbags.” Read more

Source: Trinidad Express