Some surgeries slated for Cornwall Regional to be done at UHWI

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton has disclosed that the University Hospital of the West Indies (UWI) will undertake some of the surgeries originally slated for the beleaguered Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) in St James.

The three lower floors of the Montego Bay hospital is currently being affected by what has been described as a complex ventilation problem that will require a multimillion dollar fix.

A number of departments, including the operating theatre have since been relocated.

“Now, we are going to transfer some procedures that require operating theatre and inpatient care. The University Hospital of the West Indies has agreed to take on some additional capacity for surgeries and will accommodate doctors and nurses who are linked to those procedures from the [Cornwall Regional Hospital] location into Kingston. Where those surgeries are planned, some of those surgeries will take place at the UWI,” Dr Tufton.

Tufton made the disclosure Thursday while addressing a town hall meeting at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre, located at Sam Sharpe Square. Read more

Source: Loop News Jamaica