Tertiary education is a matter of opportunity and cost, educator says

An official in the Ministry of Education is of the opinion that tertiary education should not be limited to the region.

Education Officer with responsibility for Guidance and Counselling, Andrea Airall shared that while she is an alumni of the University of the West Indies (UWI), there should be no issue with choosing a school based in the United States or further afield.

“I am a product of UWI and then I later went on to a university in the US. My thing is we have to weigh balance. We have UWI programmes available here and you have to look at the cost, you may start at UWI and continue and we move on,” she said in an OBSERVER media interview.

Airall added that instead of seeing regional and international schools as either or, it all comes down to various factors such as cost at the end of the day.

“It is not regional versus international; it comes down to opportunity and cost and there are some scholarships that must be fulfilled in particular regions or they are being offered by certain regions. You have to look at the opportunities that are there in terms of what you want to study. Read more

Source: Antigua Observer