Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2017 Crowns Its King and Queen

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival prides itself on its traditional masquerade, but Carnival lovers are just as appreciative of the “big” mas — the incredible and often massive costumes that compete for the coveted titles of King and Queen of Carnival. Not only are they works of art; they are also feats of engineering!

These individual costumes are usually part of larger Carnival bands, which each have their following and portray different themes from year to year. Widely shared on Facebook, here’s a quick look at some of the beauties that photographer Damian Luk Pat captured as they crossed the main stage at the country’s Carnival mecca, the Queen’s Park Savannah, for Carnival 2017.

Other countries, different cultures
Carnival is an escape from the rigors of everyday life. Many Carnival King and Queen contenders transport spectators to other lands (Africa, China, Arabia) and other worlds (enchanted rainforests and underwater kingdoms). Either way, you are immersed.Read more

Source: Global Voices