UNWomen And UWI Leads Address Gender Issues #SheRocksJA

WeChangeJA, UWI leads and the United Nations explored the issues plaguing gender equality with their Women’s Empowerment Through Leadership from Parliament to the Academy forum, help at the University of the West Indies, Mona Visitor’s Lodge last Tuesday.

Chereese LaVonne opened the forum with a poem called Speak – a piece she developed focusing on the issue of women’s rights. This was followed by the welcome by director of Student Services and Development at the University of the West Indies, Jason McKenzie.

Nadeen Spence president of UWI Leads and Student Services and Development Manager Mary Seacole Hall, took to the podium to outline the dialogue that was to take place. There were several alarming points that came from her presentation, one of which was that while Jamaica boasts the highest per cent of female managers, we are still behind the threshold when it comes to gender equality. Women not only make up the majority of the rural poor, but they also own only two per cent of land in Jamaica.

Spence further highlighted that in the 63-year history of the guild of students at the University, only seven women have ever been elected. And while there are women in middle-management positions, the top leadership positions are still a male dominated arena. She noted that when we speak of gender equality we do not want more women and less men, thus women outnumbering men three to one at the University of the West Indies is something that needs to be improved upon. Read more

Source: Gleaner