UWI Art Society unveils renovated wing in Mt. Hope Paediatric Ward

Members of the Art Society of Mt. Hope have together to work on one of the best art projects: beautifying a wing within the Paediatric Medical Ward at Mt. Hope.

The Art Society of Mt. Hope, is a student based non-governmental organization based at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI St. Augustine whose overall aim is promoting the artistic talents of its members and are actively involved in charity-based initiatives with the aim of improving the overall quality of the health sector.

Their first project was intended to improve the paediatric medical ward with specific attention on the playroom to create an improved and healthy play space, and which will allow the children to be more active and interact with each other, improving their state of mind and overall mood. Additional toys, tables and chairs were added, and the hallway was repainted, with 3D images erected. The most striking feature of the entire remodel, however, is a mural that was erected on one of the four walls. Read more

Source: Loop News (Trinidad & Tobago)