UWI grad encourages youth to pursue historical studies

A daughter of the soil is encouraging students to get involved in archaeological and historical studies.

Despite complaints of declining interest and limited job opportunities in these areas, Desley Gardner, who graduated from the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona campus in May with a Bachelors in Archaeology and History, is adamant that there’s more to history than the story of slavery.

She singled out the versatility of the subject, saying it is replete with great stories of local music, sports and art.

“Antigua has many hidden gems that are not only underground, we just have to look for them,” she said. “Sometimes, we create unnecessary limitations for ourselves by not looking beyond what we see.

“Evaluate what is lacking in your country and get up and do something to fill these gaps,” she advised.

Gardner said her inspiration and zest for archaeology and history were fuelled several years ago after she met renowned Archaeologist and Historian, and Director of Heritage Resources for the National Parks, Dr Reginald Murphy.

As she recalled the day Dr Murphy gave a presentation to her 4th Form class at the Antigua Girls’ High School (AGHS), Gardner said she was immediately captivated by the work that was being done by archaeologists on Amerindian sites in Antigua. Read more

Source: Antigua Observer Newspaper