UWI student begged for her life

A 20-year-old student of The University of the West Indies (The UWI) was abducted in Chaguanas on Monday by a man pretending to be a taxi-driver.

The woman, who prayed and begged for her life, was taken through agricultural access roads before being dropped off in an isolated area.

The girl’s adopted mother, a businesswoman, told the Express after the man held her captive for almost an hour, he received a phone call and he abruptly dropped her off in an abandoned cane-field road.

The mother said her daughter wrote an examination, and the friend she usually gets a lift with did not go to the St Augustine campus that day.

She said her daughter took a taxi to Chaguanas and at around 8 p.m. sought transportation to get to their Longdenville home.
“She would usually call us, but her phone battery had died. There were a lot of people awaiting transportation, and she saw a red car pull up outside Mario’s on Southern Main Road and she got in. But she alone got in and the man drove off,” said the mother.

“She said she went into the vehicle because he appeared to be an aged person, late 40s or 50s, and he looked like he could do no harm,” she said. Read more

Source: Trinidad Express