When Sir George Alleyne leaves UWI, he’ll be sorely missed

It is that joyful time of year when thousands of bright young men and women, having satisfactorily met the requirements of their examiners, are granted their degrees from the venerable University of the West Indies (UWI).

They have passed an important transformational threshold in their lives and are poised for employment in their chosen professions orpursuing future or more advanced studies. We are exceedingly proud of these future leaders and nation-builders. We commend them and wish them well in their future endeavours.

We also acknowledge all those whose sacrifice afforded them the opportunity of a university education, a privilege that too few Jamaicans enjoy. As they leave the hallowed portals of UWI they must, in turn, give back by enabling others to avail themselves of a tertiary education.

Amidst the joy of the occasion of the graduation and the celebrations came the unhappy news that the revered and beloved Sir George Alleyne, chancellor of the University of the West Indies for nearly 13 years, has decided to relinquish the post. Sir George MD, FRCP, FACP (Hon), DSc (Hon), has rendered invaluable service in his calm, urbane and dignified style. Read more
Source: Observer