World War 1 workshop at UWI's History Fest 2017

HISTORY students at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) level will on Monday, benefit from a workshop that examines the causes and consequences of World War 1.

The workshop coincides with the University of the West Indies (UWI) History Fest 2017, which was launched on Friday (Mar 10) and will be facilitated by Dr Karen Eccles at the CCL Auditorium.

History Fest 2017 is being held under the theme “1917: Liberating Indian Indentured Labourers, War Veterans and the Baptists.”

St Augustine Campus historian, Dr Gelien Matthews, said: “The theme of History Fest 2017 is “1917: Liberating Indian Indentured Labourers, War Veterans and the Baptists” are three subthemes unified by the year 1917, 100 years ago today when the shipment of Indian Indentured Labourers came to an end although the official abolition of the trade did not take place until January 1, 1920. The year also marked the beginning of the end of World War I involving thousands of service men from the Caribbean and a smaller number of women. Additionally, it was in November of 1917 when the colonial government of the day passed the Shouter Prohibition Ordinance making it illegal for followers of the Spiritual Baptists in Trinidad to practice their religion.”

Matthews added: “ One hundred years ago these three important groups in our society embarked on the long and difficult road to freedom from economic exploitation, racial discrimination and religious inequality. The liberation they eventually experienced came at the price of hard fought battles. Read more

Source: Trinidad Express