Zero Discrimination Day Message

On 1st March, 2018, The University of the West Indies Youth Development Programme stands together with UNAIDS to highlight the right of everyone to be free from discrimination.

On Zero Discrimination Day, we ask you to recognize that no one should ever be discriminated against on the basis of age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, political affiliation, religious belief, educational, ethnic and economic status. Such discrimination is reinforced by convictions in antiquated beliefs, practices or simple unfamiliarity and the dislike for change at any level of the society.

Therefore, let us continue to advocate for the world we want by encouraging and supporting organisations and persons who fight to end discrimination in all its forms. Only in a society where equity and justice are protected, can true prosperity ever be accomplished. Most importantly, we ask you to remember that change and positive transformation starts with you; as ending discrimination requires the effort of every person.

So today, Zero Discrimination Day, we are provided with an opportunity to demonstrate how everyone can be a part of an equitable and just society, which will bring about a bright and inclusive future for all people, across the Caribbean.