What we do

UWITV’s core products and services include TV programming, web and social media interactive content and an electronic newsletter, all seamlessly integrated to provide a unique experience for users.

Through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, the service facilitates ongoing dialogue with UWI students, alumni and youth across the Caribbean and around the world.  One riveting feature of its services is the “One UWI News” rolling ticker on the UWITV’s website, located under the main video player on the home page that aggregates and integrates all of the daily announcements of events and activities on all five campuses. A complementary component to the website and social channels is a weekly electronic newsletter containing the TV broadcast schedule, information on the programmes, behind-the-scenes interviews with producers and hosts, a variety of UWITV factoids and vignettes.  UWITV website visitors are able to subscribe to the newsletter from the home page of the site.

We invite you to experience our programming segments, which capture “Caribbean matters” through the diverse voices of The UWI, the wider Caribbean region and the diaspora. Join us on cable television or online at www.uwitv.org.